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  • G O T W A N G ?

    We are play testing and prototyping WoundWang.
    A super simple gaming aid. Track wounds and damage on larger models/units for tabletop games.

    The O' ring fits snugly on the plastic arrow and rolls with minimal pressure into the next groove.
    It fits tightly enough that it can't accidentally be nudged and your score lost.

    Simply place the arrow head pointing at the model, sit it on top of the models base if it is large enough even, tracking wounds/damage and removing points by rolling down to the last when it’s slain. The WoundWang can follow your hero and point at her/him as they travel across your tabletop warzone. Conversely you could count up (ya weirdo)?

    Soon to be available in a number of vibrant colours so as to be easily found on your playing surface.


    1, 1-3, 1-5, 1-10

    The Mk2 prototype 1-10 above shows the character, it points to, has but 1 wound remaining.

    Careful out there noble warrior!


    1-20, 1-30, 1-50 +

    With both Tens and Units these are for your Great beasts and Warmachines.

    What do you favour on your table; bright and conspicuous in orange or a little more subtle in the translucent grey?


    Sit it on the data sheet off table even?!